Bibliography Vs Works Cited – Know The Difference

Bibliography Vs Works Cited

Citation of sources that you are using for writing a research paper is very important; it can give your teacher a chance to fact-check the paper for accuracy and uniqueness and helps to check its originality. It can aid the students in finding information if they decide to return to a particular source in the future. It is important to understand that almost anything that is written or published at the higher academic level must be properly sourced or cited. Not only it prevents plagiarism but also builds the professors’ trust in your abilities and skills.

As told by assignment writing services, it can also help the students in finding information if they want to find a particular source in the future or do further research in the same field. Learning about the significance of citing sources is something every student should focus on wholeheartedly to produce top-quality papers to secure good grades in class because it is a fact of life at the university or college level.

What Is A Bibliography?

Bibliographies are mostly found at the end of a book or a published academic article. A bibliography is a list of the books or other materials that have been referred to in a scholarly work but they are not merely a simple paper, essay, or research paper written by an undergraduate. Usually printed as an appendix, bibliographies offer an overview of what has been published on a topic.

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Some bibliographies are annotated, meaning they include a summary of each work’s contents. They help to explain how these resources were relevant in writing about the subject under discussion. A bibliography is an ideal starting point for the student looking to research a specific topic or range of topics. But there are times when professors require students to make a list of all the sources that they have used for writing the paper.

What Is ‘Works Cited’?

Works cited are sometimes referred to as references too and it almost means the same thing. It is an alphabetical list of works cited or works to which you have made reference. Works Cited is generally used when citing sources using MLA (Modern Language Association) style, while the title References is used when citing sources using APA (American Psychological Association) style. Works cited and bibliography are not the same thing. While in Works Cited you only list items you have referred to and cited in your paper but a bibliography lists all of the material you have consulted in preparing your essay whether or not you have referred to and cited the work.

These days with so much knowledge to overwhelm the students, it often becomes a problem to understand what works cited and bibliography mean and what is the distinction between the two to make it easy for them to work on their papers.  Students get very confused sometimes; sometimes they are required to cite the sources that they have used or referred to while compiling information for their research papers while at times the guideline tells them to present bibliographies. The two are often used interchangeably, mean close to the same thing, yet have entirely different purposes, meanings, and implications.  Those who do not understand what they are all about, end up making mistakes that cost them precious grades.

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The works cited, often referred to as the “works cited page,” is a separate section at the end of an essay or research paper. It lists the sources that the researcher has used in writing and completing the assignment. This page includes information in direct quotes, rephrased summaries, the incorporation of data, and general information, like statistics. Whenever a student borrows legitimate information from any reputable source (anything that is not common knowledge: “the capital of Thailand is Bangkok”), that information needs to be cited in MLA style. What is important to know is that this list must be alphabetized by authors’ last names or by editors’ or translators’ names. And it should have “Works Cited” as the main heading. There are times when professors went through the works cited page even before they read the research paper to get a feel for the effort they have put into writing the assignment.

A bibliography is often with Chicago or Turabian formats. It differs as it requires students to list all sources used during their work, whether they have been referred to specifically in the paper or not. This means that even a source that was used just for background reading needs to be mentioned. Students need to keep in mind what if they are not sure about what exactly their professors mean or prefer, works cited, bibliography, or annotated bibliography, it is best that they consult their professor or supervisor to avoid wasting time and efforts.