5 Most Important Trends of SEO in 2021 You Need to Know

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The practice of optimizing the content for the purpose of showing the content in the organic search results of the search engines is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The importance of SEO is that it is the free resource to drive millions of visitors to your website. Before doing SEO for a website or a blog post, you should have enough idea of how search engines rank your website. Due to the new updates of these search engines, the SEO trends are also changing day by day. Here, we will discuss the five most important trends in SEO in 2021.

Create Exceptional Content:

Eric Enge (General Manager of Proficient Digital) has said that the main focus of Google is on the depth and quality of the content of a website.  For this reason, he has compared lots of websites. In the end, he has concluded that the websites which are focusing on the depth in quality content are preferred by the search engines than the websites which are providing the lower-quality content. Alexandra Tachalova is a famous digital consultant. According to him, if you want to get success in blogging, you should try to keep your content alive. Its reason is that if the content of your blog post is not alive, it will not be shared by the visitors. Moreover, visitors don’t spend enough time on your website. As a result, Google will consider that your content is not valuable for the visitors and it will decrease the ranking of your blog post.

Matt Siltala (President of Avalaunch Media) has solved this problem of the creators. He has provided suggestion to the creators that they should create such content which solves the problem of the visitors and it should motivate them to share your content with their fellows. This is possible only if you write a blog post after conducting effective research. Walsh has also provided his own point of view about the quality of the content. According to him, no doubt, the main aim of a blog post is to provide an answer to a query and urge the visitors to visit your blog post but after visiting your post, the next step is to engage the visitors. It is possible only if you have created compelling content by using the jargon-free language.

Focus On Technical SEO:

search engine optimizationTill 2018, most of the website owners just focus on the basic SEO like link building etc. In 2021, if they want to get success, they have to focus on technical SEO. There are some key areas that you will have to focus on the technical side of the SEO. First of all, there comes the speed of the website. In 2021, Google is focusing on the speed of the websites. The websites which are faster and simpler are getting better ranking in the search engines than the websites which are taking lots of time in loading. Secondly, you should think about the PWA (Progressive Web Apps).

It means that you should think about how your websites will live on PWA in the future. Thirdly, most of the websites are driven by JavaScript. Therefore, you should have enough idea about JavaScript. Fourthly, you should take an overview of the crawl errors of your website. The possible crawl errors that a website may face are duplicate content, low speed of the web pages and missing H1 or H2 tags etc. Fifthly, you should create and check the status of an XML sitemap. Its reason is that XML sitemap is helpful for the search engines to crawl the web pages.

On-Page Optimization:

On-page optimization has considered as the most essential SEO trend over the years. In 2021, along with other SEO trends, we can’t deny the importance of on-page optimization for large companies as well as dissertation writing services. Alexis Sanders is a technical SEO manager at Merkle. He has shared some key tips about the on-page optimization of a website. These tips are explained below;

  • You should create such content for your website which is providing answers to the questions of the common visitors.
  • Along with search engine search, you should also focus on the internal search of your website. You should make sure that the internal search of a website is showing the relevant results.
  • The conversation on your website should be shortened.
  • The physical locations of your website should be such that it should not navigate the users.
  • You should try to provide a clear vision of your website to the users.

Brian Take is also a famous SEO expert. He has also shared his in-depth knowledge about the on-page optimization of a website. According to him, for the on-page SEO of a website, you should focus on the SEO friendly URLs, you should start the title of your post with your focused keyword, you should also try to add modifiers in the title, you should dazzle your blog post with the multimedia objects, you should also include the keyword of your blog post in the H2 tags, you should also try to add the targeted keyword in the first 100 words of your post, you should use the responsive design for your website, there should be some outbound links in your blog post, there should also be some internal links and you should also try to boost up the speed of your website.

Increase Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness:

According to Google’s search quality rating, E-A-T is also considered as a new trend in 2021. According to this trend of SEO, you can’t rank easily even writing the best quality content. According to Google’s algorithm rates, the quality of a website comes with context. It means that if you want to rank any post, you will have to assure Google that your website is an authentic and authoritative website regarding the given subject. For this reason, if you want to promote or distribute your content, you should keep in mind the reputation standpoint. For this reason, it is necessary for you to write the content from the best quality writers. E-A-T strategy is not only followed by Google only but it is also followed by Bing too. Nowadays, the main focus of the search engines is to introduce such algorithms that are helpful for them to rank the documents just like human beings.

Website owners can improve the E-A-T of their website by various means. First of all, they can run advertisements. Secondly, you should provide the contact information on your website. With the help of this contact information, the visitors can easily contact you and they can also get an idea who is the owner of the website and who is creating content for the website. Thirdly, you should spend enough time in creating the best quality content. Fourthly, you should not upload such content which misleads the visitors. Its reason is that misleading content is just like malicious for the search engines. The ‘E’ in the E-A-T stands for expertise. Therefore, you should also try to mention your qualification on your website. Fifthly, you should ensure relevancy in your website’s content. In other words, you should share articles relevant to a specific niche. Sixthly, you should also try to create reputations among the audience.

Mobile-First Indexing:

seo website for better ranking 2Since March 2018, Google has introduced a new ranking factor for the websites. According to this ranking factor, Google is considering the mobile version of your website for the ranking and indexing point of view. The CEO of the PhD dissertation writing service firm said that when you add your website in the Google Search Console, you will receive a notification about this fact. The main concept behind this ranking factor is to facilitate mobile-phone users. Its reason is that most of the people are searching for content by using mobile phones. For this reason, you just need to install such themes in your websites which are mobile-friendly and responsive. Therefore, before installing the theme in your website, you should crawl it once in the mobile version and make sure that it should be responsive and eye-catching for the viewers in the mobile version. The speed of your website should also be very fast in the mobile version. You can easily track the speed of your website in the mobile version with the help of PageSpeed Insights. Moreover, you should also try to check the speed of your website regularly.


SEO is very important for a website to drive millions of viewers. These viewers are driven through search engines like Google and Bing etc. SEO is a very vast topic and while doing the SEO for a website, you have to consider lots of things. The trends of SEO are also changing from day by day. The most important SEO trends in 2021 are that you should create the best quality content, you should also focus on the technical SEO along with basic SEO, you should work on the on-page optimization of your website, you should improve E-A-T of your website and you should consider mobile-first indexing.