5 Qualities Which Students Must Have to Be Mentor

Qualities of Mentor

Many students dream to become mentors and are very passionate about it; however, they need to understand that becoming a mentor is not so easy. It is a challenging and even a tough task because a mentor is a counselor, teacher, advisor, support, and guru all poured into one and provides the best emotional help in times of need to students. There are times when students rely more on their mentor and less on their parents because the mentors understand better what the students are going through, how challenging it can be for them to cope in the competitive academic and professional market, and what they need to make the best choice.

Mentors need to take their role seriously as students depend on them; it is not a one time job or something that can be taken up of left when they feel like it. A mentor is there like a rock, solid, and unwavering for students when they need support and guidance and trust no one to help them the right way. This article by dissertation writing services discusses the top 5 qualities that a student must possess or develop if he or she wants to become a mentor and enjoy a career guiding others and helping them achieve their goals.

Personality and Enthusiasm:

The mentor’s personality is something that students seek first when they come to meet him or her. A mentor must be accepting and enthusiastic, even to the point of being over-enthusiastic to push the students to do something that will work well for them in the long run, even if it does not seem very promising at that time. Unless they are not passionate about their work and want to help others, they will not be able to do the right thing and guide students to success. Mentors receive their rewards, not in the form of money or other material things but seeing people they helped achieve their dreams.

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Attitude and Acceptance:

having the right attitude is very necessary to become a mentor; a mentor does not lose his or her cool, get angry with students, and feels frustrated when students are unable to do things the right way or feel unable to make the right decision. A mentor should be accepting and welcoming; it is because students seek help from mentors. After all, they do not know what to do and how. Unless the mentor makes them feel comfortable with their attitude and acceptance, students will not feel comfortable and visit them for advice. The right mentor creates strategies for students to befitting their needs, talent, skills, and desires and pushes them towards what they want; now what he or she wants or thinks right.

Respect for Others:

Mentors know how to deal with students most tactfully and are emotionally intelligent. They understand what the student is going through and what he or she wants but is apprehensive of taking the steps and needs guidance. They respect what the students need or want but are not judgemental and make fun of what they want to do. With their ability to listen and respect students’ thoughts and ideas, mentors give students a chance to be what they are and discuss things freely without fear or recrimination.

Valuable Feedback:

Students love mentors because they get valuable feedback from them. Everyone, even the most skilled and talented people thrive on feedback to grow further, and students seek feedback to know how they are doing and which areas they need to focus on to do better. With prized feedback from a mentor, students can create long term objectives and short term goals to help them excel in their field and determine what they want to do with their life.

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Expertise and Power Of Persuasion:

Mentors are experts in their work, they have the knowledge, skills, and ability to provide excellent guidance to students and make the right plan for them to achieve their academic and professional goals. In addition to this, they have great powers of persuasion and help students take the right course when they are unable to make the right decision due to any reason or feel confused and do not know what to do. With their expertise in the field and ability to convince students, mentors provide the best advice to students.

Anyone looking forward to becoming a mentor needs to understand the qualities and the values they must possess to become a great guide and support. It is a highly rewarding and satisfying experience, being in a position to help others, but it requires enthusiasm, acceptance, and respect for students to make the right career choice.