Can Nanomedicine Potentially Extend The Human Lifespan?

The medical application of the nanotechnology is known as nanomedicine. In order to prepare the nanomedicines, we have to use the applications of nanotechnology, biological machines and nanoelectronics. Nowadays, the researchers are trying to understand the issues of toxicity and nanoscale materials with the help of nanomedicine. With the help of some biological structures and molecules, we can also add some functionality in the nanomedicines. In the future, it is expected that the research tools of nanomedicine will get more fame. The nanomedicine can extend the human lifespan in the following ways;

  • Extending life by curing life-threatening diseases

Over the last 100 years, the impact of life-threatening diseases is increasing day by day. As a result, the average lifespan of a human is increasing. For example, in order to get rid of small poxes, we have made some vaccines. In the 20th century, there was no medicine to cure cancer and lots of people were died due to cancer. Nowadays, we are curing the patients of cancer with nanomedicine. These medicines are also used to cure the heart patients too. There are also lots of research programs to prepare new medicines to cure life-threatening diseases.

  • Preventing heart diseases

Heart diseases are considered as major killers nowadays. Therefore, several efforts are going on to prepare medicines in order to prevent these heart diseases. Recently, the researchers at the University of Santa Barbara have developed such nanoparticles that can easily deliver the drugs to the plaque. There is a protein called peptide which is attached with this nanoparticle in order to bind the surface of the plaque. Recent studies are also showing that these peptides are also attaching the nanoparticles with the plaque. The researchers at MIT and Harvard Medical School have got some successes. They are able to attach the peptides with the nanoparticles. Along with heart diseases, there are also programs whose focus is to cure such diseases which are relevant to the lungs and cardiovascular system. For this reason, The US National Heart Lung and Blood Institute is running four programs of excellence.

  • Extending life by repairing cells

As we know that our body is made up of trillions of cells. Therefore, if we want to repair our body, we have to work on the cellular level. Lots of nanorobots are prepared which are helpful to repair the cells of our body. For example, with the growth of a person, due to radiations and other chemical reactions in our body, the DNA in the cells will be damaged. As a result, our body is not able to perform different functions effectively. There are some nanorobots which have the ability to repair the DNA in our body. After repairing the DNA, we will not only look healthy but we will also look young. In a similar way, some other cells of our body can also be damaged which can become a cause of different diseases. In order to make us healthy, these nanorobots can also repair these cells.