Guide For Effective Use Of English Punctuation Rules

Learning English grammar is the most daunting task. If a person knows all the rules and regulation of grammar then he can write and read English fluently. Most students feel difficult to read and speak English correctly. If you are feeling difficult to English grammar then we will discuss effective use of English punctuation rules. After having complete information about English grammar rules, you will be able to write error-free work. Before discussing English Grammar rules, I would like to define what the complete meaning of Punctuation is.

What Is Punctuation?

In biology, punctuation is the rapid or sudden speciations that suggest the theory of punctuated equilibrium.  In simple words, punctuation means some marks such as full stop, comma, brackets, and semi-colon.  Punctuation marks very beneficially and important and we use them in our writing in order to highlight the separation of the sentences. With the use of punctuation, a person can understand the meaning of words and their elements. If you want to more information about grammatical rules then you can contact with Dissertation Writing Service. Let’s discuss English punctuation rules.

Punctuation Rules

  • The period
  • The comma
  • The question mark
  • The exclamation mark
  • The colon
  • The semicolon
  • The quotation mark
  • The apostrophe
  • The hyphen and the dash
  • Parentheses and brackets

Start a Sentence with Capital Latter

This is the most essential grammatical rule that student should follow. You should start always sentences with capital letter. You should use capital latter with proper nouns and titles. For example, I am writing “Guide for effective use of English punctuation rules”. I have used first latter capital and English is proper noun so I have used its capital latter.  If you want to write perfect and error-free then you should remember this important rule.

Use Full Stop at The End Of Sentence

Another important rule of punctuation is the use of a full stop. We use it in every sentence. I think without the use of full stop English language cannot be written. With the use of full stop, we can judge a sentence. After completing a sentence and a purpose, we will use a full stop.

Use A Question Mark

Question marks also called interrogative marks. Without the use of interrogative marks, we can’t judge it’s a question or not. You should use the punctuation marks at the end of any question, inquiry and query.

  • What you are doing?
  • Where are you going?
  • What is your name?

Use an Exclamation Point At The End Of Exclamatory Sentences

The exclamation marks also called shout marks. It is used for showing excitement and strong emphasis. It also shows our impressions as well as feelings. For example,

  • I can’t believe how difficult the exams were!
  • Ulf! You scared me!

The Use of Comma

The use of a comma is also very important and beneficial in the English language.  We face many situations in life, therefore, in order to identify these entire situations, we will use comma. A comma can be used in the series of the list. With the use of comma, we will identify what is the difference between the things. Giving separation to the series list is the most common use of the comma. We use comma for many purposes. Instead of that we use comma to separate two different clauses.  You can use comma in order to make direct clauses such as Amber, please come here. In the below examples, you can understand the use of comma and you can judge without this use we will not able to understand a situation. For example,

  • Ali, Saba, Ailsa, Sonia, Rohail, Rustam and Uzair are going to the walk.
  • Ali is going to the city, because, he has a job there.

The Use of Colon And A Semicolon

The use of colon and semicolon is very similar but it is completely different from comma. We use a semicolon to separate two different and independent clauses.  Semicolon shows independent clause and colon shows a single sentence. On the other hand, we use semicolon to separate a complex series of items.  You can use a colon to give separation to two different parts. Hyphen and Dashes are most important rules of English grammar. We use hyphen to connect two words such as re-examine and restate.

Use of Apostrophe

The use of apostrophe shows the possession of things. It conveys the concept of possession. Without the use of apostrophe we cannot understand singular noun and proper nouns.  For example, this is Ali’s car.

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How To Control Your Angry Behavior In College Life

Basically, college life is an incredibly charming and enjoyable period of life. But at early-stage, most students do not get synchronization with this unfasten and astonishing environment. They don’t know how to cope up with these surroundings. Therefore, most students become victim of angry behavior in college life. Often the feel fed up from their schedule life, because, college life is an exceptionally busy life. Here, the professional writers of Essay Writing Services will tell you how to control your angry behavior in college life.

Stay Calm:

Staying calm is not exceedingly complex; you can stay cool if you will attempt. Most students don’t have any information about self-calm and manage their anger. If you are losing your temper and initiate lament as well shouting then you should try to understand the situation. You should take a bottomless breath and think ten minutes about your behavior.

Don’t Take Things Personally:

When you will optimize things in the college and you will experience something wrong then you should understand that it is the part of the system. So, no need to take all mismanagement personally. It is not your work; indeed, someone else is responsible for it.

Generate Self Setting:

The peaceful environment will leave a good impression in our minds; therefore, you should create a self-setting place for yourself where you will feel relaxed. If you are feeling angry then you should go out of the room. Try to handle your anger out of classroom.

Think Positive Sides Of The Things:

It is often seen that when people, as well as students, think the negative sides of the equipment then they feel angry about this system. So, you should analysis the things with all details. Indeed, you should keep in mind the encouraging aspects of things. Try to avoid all the things that are the cause of your anger.

Demonstrate Non-Threading Body Language:

Body language also affects our moods. So, you should be clear and neat. Wear a good dress that suits you. Don’t wear all the colors that you don’t like. Don’t cross the people arms and desks. Keep in mind that every person has its own self-respect.

Try To Become Responsible:

Taking responsibilities will give you a sense of understanding. Try to become a good student. If you want to ask some questions then you should adopt sympathy behavior. If you will become responsible then you can gain success in life very easily.

Find Common Ground:

You should try to find a common ground for conversations. In the common ground, you can understand conversation very easily. If you are hot temper then make a group study plan, because, it will increase your communication skills and you can learn without any special difficulty.

Provide An Opportunity For The Student To Save Face:

The teachers should play their role in order to control the anger of student in their college life. They should give them an opportunity to save face and make a struggle in order to achieve their goals. This is best way to control the anger of any students in the college.

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International Terrorism-Terror Group

According to the writers of assignment writing services the use of intentional violence against civilians is known as terrorism. A terrorist group which is involved in the terrorist attacks all around the world and it is declared as a terrorist group by the national, former and international government is known as an international terrorism-terror group. There are lots of terrorist groups all around the world that are declared as international-terror groups. Some of them are Al-Aqsa foundation, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Al-Nusra Front, ETA, Force 17 and Indian Mujahideen etc. Here, we will discuss one of the most famous international terrorism-terror groups Al-Qaeda.

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This foundation was founded by Osama Bin Laden and Abdullah Azzam in 1988. It is an organization of the militant Sunni Islamist. Basically, this foundation was created during the Soviet-Afghan war. Lots of countries and international organizations like the United Nations Security Council, NATO, United States and India have declared that Al-Qaeda is an international terrorism-terror group. Al-Qaeda is involved in lots of military and non-military attacks in various countries. The most famous attacks of this organization are 9/11 attacks and the 2002 Bali Bombings. As a response of the 9/11 attacks, the United States of America attacked this terrorist group and all of its allies.


Before the War on Terror, Al-Qaeda was considered as the centralization of the decision making but after the War on Terror, Al-Qaeda is considered as decentralization of the execution. Its reason is that the leadership of the Al-Qaeda is isolated now. Moreover, this organization is also divided into several sub-groups. The network of this organization is so strong and it is running lots of jihadist movements in various countries. There are some direct as well as some indirect affiliates of this organization. Some direct affiliates of this organization are given below;

  • Al-Qaeda in Iraq
  • Al-Qaeda in Syria
  • Al-Qaeda in Yemen
  • Al-Qaeda in Mali

There are also some indirect affiliates of this organization. These indirect affiliates of this organization are given below;

  • Ansar Al-Islam
  • Jund Al-Aqsa
  • Lashkar-e-Taiba


The founder of this organization was Osama Bin Laden and he had also served as first Amir of this organization. After the death of Osama Bin Laden, on August 22, 2011, Atiyah Abdul Rehman became the second Amir of this organization. The leadership of this organization had divided this organization into several groups. These committees are the military committee which is responsible for the training of the members, the money committee which is responsible to generate funds for this organization, the law committee which confirms the new policies within the organization, the Islamic study committee which resolves all the Islamic issues and the media committee which is responsible to handle different issues of the organization with the public and different kinds of media.

Command structure

There are several operational structures within this organization. The leadership of this organization plans the attacks on different places. The expertise of this organization was that this organization was involved in the 9/11 attacks in the USA. Naseer Al Bahri had served as a bodyguard of Osama Bin Laden for four years. He wrote that the main concept and structure of this organization came from America. Moreover, the US department of justice had also proven the connection of Osama Bin Laden with the 9/11 attacks. After proving this connection, they were able to continue the war on terror.

Field operatives

This organization keeps the documentary record of all the members who get proper military training from them. According to these documents, during the reign of Osama Bin Laden until 2011, the registered members of this organization were only 170. On the other hand, just after the death of Osama Bin Laden, the commanders of this organization were increased to several thousand. In 2006, the network of this organization was flourished into 40 countries. On the other hand, in 2009, the active members of this organization were only 200 to 300.


The funding of an international terrorism-terror group is the real cause of the problem. Its reason is that without funding, it is almost impossible for an organization to perform these kinds of terrorist attacks. Till 1990, the main sources of funding for this organization were the personal wealth of Osama Bin Laden and trade of the heroin and other drugs. After that major part of the funding of this organization came from the supporters in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other countries.


A terrorist group that is declared as a terrorist by the national and international governments is known as an international terrorism-terror group. There are lots of international terrorism-terror groups in the world but Al Qaeda is the most famous international terrorism-terror group. Its reason is that Al-Qaeda is involved in lots of international terror attacks like 9/11 attacks in the USA. This organization was founded by Osama Bin Laden in 1988. Till 1990, the main part of the funding for this organization came from the personal wealth of Osama Bin Laden and trade of the drugs. After that, this organization received lots of funds from their supporters in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other countries.


Writing a Critique Do’s and Don’ts

The study of a written or oral discourse in a systematic and well-disciplined manner is known as critique. Critique is also a name of finding faults in a written or oral discourse. Philosophy is known as a practical example of critique. If we talk about critique in the composition, we come to know that it is also called a response paper. One can easily commence the critique writing task with the help of the summary of the topic but this summary of the topic also includes the analysis of the reviewer. Some do’s and don’ts of writing a critique is given below by coursework writing services UK;

Do’s of writing a critique

Do’s of critique writing are those things that are necessary to create a monument of a critique. Some essential do’s of writing a critique are given below;

  • With the help of a critique, you should try to offer honest feedback. Its reason is that with the help of a critique, we are going to provide some suggestions to the writer about the improvement of his writing. If we write straightforwardly that your writing is not working, a writer will never accept your point of view. Therefore, you will have to provide constructive criticism and tells the writer about the best ways to grow and improve his writing.
  • When you are addressing your comments directly to the writer, you should feel comfortable. Its reason is that if you don’t address your comments in a comfortable manner, the readers will find it awkward to read your critique.
  • If you are going to provide some suggestions to the writer about the improvement of your work, you should be willing to offer these suggestions to the writer.
  • While writing a critique, you should try to provide backup for each piece of critique. Backup means it should be proved with the help of examples and evidence.
  • You should be open and true while providing these suggestions. Its reason is that after getting these suggestions, there is also a possibility that the writer will write some counterpoints.
  • Sometimes, there is a possibility that you are feeling some struggles to write some essential points of your critique. Under such a situation, you should get help from your fellow writers.
  • In order to provide useful and true feedback to the writer, you should try to be as specific as possible.
  • You should try to take some time to write the critique. Its reason is that two or three solid points of criticism are better than a wide list of critiques.

Don’ts of writing a critique

Along with these do’s, there are also some don’ts of writing a critique. These don’ts of writing a critique are given below;

  • While writing a critique of a person, there is a possibility that you have some relations with that person. There is no need to give comments on the critique on the basis of this relationship. Its reason is that this kind of personal information will not be interesting for the readers.
  • There is no need to be harsh while writing a critique. To show harshness means there is no need to add negative comments in the critique. These negative comments can also divert the attention of the readers from the main theme of the critique.
  • You should also avoid offensive comments while writing a critique. Its reason is that these offensive comments can also lose interest in your writing.
  • There is no need to take critique seriously. Its reason is that if you take it seriously, you will have to please everyone. While pleasing everyone, your work will be disliked by everyone.
  • There is no need to judge the abilities of a writer with the help of writing criticism in the form of a critique. Its reason is that in a critique, you will have to analyze your writing rather than describing the abilities of the writer.
  • While writing a critique, you should also keep in mind the aim of writing a critique. Its reason is that if you don’t keep in mind this aim, you will never be able to create a monument of your paper.


Critique writing is the name of finding faults in a written or oral discourse. Some do’s of writing a critique are to show honesty while writing, to address the comments in a direct way, to provide feedback on the writing and you should be as specific as possible. Some don’ts of writing a critique are to avoid harassment, offensive and negative comments.


Is Autism A Disease Or A Development Idiosyncrasy?

It is a controversial question that autism is a disease or not. Basically, autism is the section of the development of numerous features in human minds. It can be a mental disorder at the age of 5. It is awfully complicated to judge the distinctiveness of autism due to social interaction and social communication. According to modern research, autism is the prototype of thoughts and symbols of behaviours.  Basically, autism is extremely complex behaviours that an ordinary man cannot recognize easily.  It may be a foundation of social interaction and languages skills.  It is also measured the symptoms of brain disorder. In this argumentative, the professional writers of coursework writing services will discuss is autism a disease or a development idiosyncrasy.

The basic information of autism can be judged from the primary functions of idiosyncrasy; therefore, we should discern what is idiosyncrasy. In common words, idiosyncrasy is the approach of behaviours that effect on our thoughts, particularly on the human brain.  It represents the atypical physical condition of any person. It is a habit to accumulate foods or drugs.  According to the New World report, autism is a disease and it is a very dangerous disease. The sign of this disease can be seen at the age of 4. Parents are talented to judge that his or her child is facing this dangerous problem.  Most children are suffering in intense loneliness. Therefore, it is most important that the belief of children should be changed at an earlier age.

The symptoms of autism can be caused by the lack of synchronic. It is the link between different parts of the human brain. However, most studies have found that synchronization is the cause of ASD. According to the new research, our mind has connectivity with synchronic patterns. This is an awfully dangerous disease, because, diagnosis disorder can collision our brain system.  Most doctors suggest that this is the segment of development in any child.  In order to know autism disease, we should identify the brain profile that is a crucial system of understandings.

Psychology research proves that the sign of autism is very complicated. Autism is not the mixture of environmental factors; in fact, its symptoms can appear during the pregnancy periods and infections. The main factors of behavioural interventions can be helpful for children in order to gain self-care and communication skills. Most children are not the victim of autism, because, most children have skills to confront this disease.  According to the modern estimate, 25.6 million children are affected by autism.  In 2006, a lot of people were affected by this dangerous disease in all around the world. Approximately, most girls are the victim of this disease. It occurs due to diagnostic practice and acute behaviours.  Almost, autism is a high-level neurodevelopment feature that proposes in childhood. The main cause of this factor is the social factors that are related to the lack of intuition in the children. Most children are affected by the normal behaviours of social interaction.