5 Best Outdoor Activities for Students to Increase Their Learning

Outdoor Activities for Students to Increase Learning

These days too much and constant access to digital screens has made it very hard for students to indulge in outdoor activities and they end up spending all their time in front of screens whether it is for academic purposes or for pleasure. Whether it is to watch educational videos and presentations or it is to play video games and chat with friends, the young generation is hooked to the TV, smartphone, and play station screens with no chance of this fad fading anytime soon. While everything has its benefits, yet too much of everything is not good; in the same way, too much screen time is affecting the mental as well as physical health of young learners who have to do a lot and go a long way.

It is becoming very important for the parents as well as teachers to understand how harmful this excessive usage of technology can be and affect the mind and bodies of students. Use of everything in moderation is the key and sitting in one place and staring at the screen for hours without break is not good for the overall body including eyes, back, and neck. Students must make time for outdoor activities that give them a chance to enjoy good mental and physical health and also increase their learning in various creative ways. This article discusses the top 5 outdoor activities as explained here by experts of dissertation writing services for students that play a key role in increasing their learning capacities and give them a chance to enjoy the best nature has to offer:


Painting is one activity that can also be carried out indoors but the pleasure of painting increases immensely when the easel is placed outdoors, offering the best light and colors of nature. The students can also a great time being outdoors, focusing on their painting as it will not only help to keep their mind fresh but also give them a chance to give a burst of freshness and rejuvenation to their eyes that get tired after focusing too much on screens. Painting is also an exercise for the entire body as the students have to set up their easel and paint stuff, stand and sit while painting and clean up afterwards that gives them a good workout too.


It is a fun as well as a very enlightening activity and works very well for young people who love to work on projects that give them a chance to get involved and see the fruits of their labour. The birth as well as the growth of plants and trees provides a tangible reminder of new life, struggle, and hope and also manages to keep the interest level of students who observe and see how things grow and move forward. Not only this, but the garden also keeps the students motivated to eat their produce as this becomes their pride and honour to do something so creative and good.

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Sports activities are the best and easiest way to make sure that students spend some time outside their study rooms. Not only the sports activities offer a great change from stuffy indoors but also provide healthy movement to keep the body and mind active. There is a variety of sports that students can choose from and enjoy them the way they like from running to golf, cycling to cricket, volleyball to football, and even swimming many others that help students remain fit and enjoy the pleasures of outdoors at the same time.

Nature Hike:

This is one activity that offers a real chance to explore outdoors and can be lots of fun either alone or with a group of people. Students can not only enjoy a nature hike for pleasure but also look forward to learning a lot while on the hike by finding new types of leaves, bugs, rocks, and flowers. Not only this, but a nature hike also leads to improved observation skills, fine motor skills, hand, and eye coordination as well as the use of the five senses in this activity.

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This is a great way to stop being indoors all the time and spend some time outdoors which also adds to the learning experience. Camping is an entire process where the students not only have a great time enjoying the sights and sounds but they also learn and become independent. From setting up a camp to gathering wood for the fire, cooking outdoors to exploring the terrain, students can add immensely to their knowledge and experience with camping.

With dedicated outdoor activities, students will be able to feel the freshness and experience the thrill and feeling of rejuvenation that being in an open environment gives them. It is up to the parents and teachers to stress upon the benefits of outdoor activities and help the young learners choose the best ones that play a key role in their mental and physical development.