Guide For Effective Use Of English Punctuation Rules

Learning English grammar is the most daunting task. If a person knows all the rules and regulation of grammar then he can write and read English fluently. Most students feel difficult to read and speak English correctly. If you are feeling difficult to English grammar then we will discuss effective use of English punctuation rules. After having complete information about English grammar rules, you will be able to write error-free work. Before discussing English Grammar rules, I would like to define what the complete meaning of Punctuation is.

What Is Punctuation?

In biology, punctuation is the rapid or sudden speciations that suggest the theory of punctuated equilibrium.  In simple words, punctuation means some marks such as full stop, comma, brackets, and semi-colon.  Punctuation marks very beneficially and important and we use them in our writing in order to highlight the separation of the sentences. With the use of punctuation, a person can understand the meaning of words and their elements. If you want to more information about grammatical rules then you can contact with Dissertation Writing Service. Let’s discuss English punctuation rules.

Punctuation Rules

  • The period
  • The comma
  • The question mark
  • The exclamation mark
  • The colon
  • The semicolon
  • The quotation mark
  • The apostrophe
  • The hyphen and the dash
  • Parentheses and brackets

Start a Sentence with Capital Latter

This is the most essential grammatical rule that student should follow. You should start always sentences with capital letter. You should use capital latter with proper nouns and titles. For example, I am writing “Guide for effective use of English punctuation rules”. I have used first latter capital and English is proper noun so I have used its capital latter.  If you want to write perfect and error-free then you should remember this important rule.

Use Full Stop at The End Of Sentence

Another important rule of punctuation is the use of a full stop. We use it in every sentence. I think without the use of full stop English language cannot be written. With the use of full stop, we can judge a sentence. After completing a sentence and a purpose, we will use a full stop.

Use A Question Mark

Question marks also called interrogative marks. Without the use of interrogative marks, we can’t judge it’s a question or not. You should use the punctuation marks at the end of any question, inquiry and query.

  • What you are doing?
  • Where are you going?
  • What is your name?

Use an Exclamation Point At The End Of Exclamatory Sentences

The exclamation marks also called shout marks. It is used for showing excitement and strong emphasis. It also shows our impressions as well as feelings. For example,

  • I can’t believe how difficult the exams were!
  • Ulf! You scared me!

The Use of Comma

The use of a comma is also very important and beneficial in the English language.  We face many situations in life, therefore, in order to identify these entire situations, we will use comma. A comma can be used in the series of the list. With the use of comma, we will identify what is the difference between the things. Giving separation to the series list is the most common use of the comma. We use comma for many purposes. Instead of that we use comma to separate two different clauses.  You can use comma in order to make direct clauses such as Amber, please come here. In the below examples, you can understand the use of comma and you can judge without this use we will not able to understand a situation. For example,

  • Ali, Saba, Ailsa, Sonia, Rohail, Rustam and Uzair are going to the walk.
  • Ali is going to the city, because, he has a job there.

The Use of Colon And A Semicolon

The use of colon and semicolon is very similar but it is completely different from comma. We use a semicolon to separate two different and independent clauses.  Semicolon shows independent clause and colon shows a single sentence. On the other hand, we use semicolon to separate a complex series of items.  You can use a colon to give separation to two different parts. Hyphen and Dashes are most important rules of English grammar. We use hyphen to connect two words such as re-examine and restate.

Use of Apostrophe

The use of apostrophe shows the possession of things. It conveys the concept of possession. Without the use of apostrophe we cannot understand singular noun and proper nouns.  For example, this is Ali’s car.

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How To Control Your Angry Behavior In College Life

Basically, college life is an incredibly charming and enjoyable period of life. But at early-stage, most students do not get synchronization with this unfasten and astonishing environment. They don’t know how to cope up with these surroundings. Therefore, most students become victim of angry behavior in college life. Often the feel fed up from their schedule life, because, college life is an exceptionally busy life. Here, the professional writers of Essay Writing Services will tell you how to control your angry behavior in college life.

Stay Calm:

Staying calm is not exceedingly complex; you can stay cool if you will attempt. Most students don’t have any information about self-calm and manage their anger. If you are losing your temper and initiate lament as well shouting then you should try to understand the situation. You should take a bottomless breath and think ten minutes about your behavior.

Don’t Take Things Personally:

When you will optimize things in the college and you will experience something wrong then you should understand that it is the part of the system. So, no need to take all mismanagement personally. It is not your work; indeed, someone else is responsible for it.

Generate Self Setting:

The peaceful environment will leave a good impression in our minds; therefore, you should create a self-setting place for yourself where you will feel relaxed. If you are feeling angry then you should go out of the room. Try to handle your anger out of classroom.

Think Positive Sides Of The Things:

It is often seen that when people, as well as students, think the negative sides of the equipment then they feel angry about this system. So, you should analysis the things with all details. Indeed, you should keep in mind the encouraging aspects of things. Try to avoid all the things that are the cause of your anger.

Demonstrate Non-Threading Body Language:

Body language also affects our moods. So, you should be clear and neat. Wear a good dress that suits you. Don’t wear all the colors that you don’t like. Don’t cross the people arms and desks. Keep in mind that every person has its own self-respect.

Try To Become Responsible:

Taking responsibilities will give you a sense of understanding. Try to become a good student. If you want to ask some questions then you should adopt sympathy behavior. If you will become responsible then you can gain success in life very easily.

Find Common Ground:

You should try to find a common ground for conversations. In the common ground, you can understand conversation very easily. If you are hot temper then make a group study plan, because, it will increase your communication skills and you can learn without any special difficulty.

Provide An Opportunity For The Student To Save Face:

The teachers should play their role in order to control the anger of student in their college life. They should give them an opportunity to save face and make a struggle in order to achieve their goals. This is best way to control the anger of any students in the college.